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big sisters

We're EXCITED to announce our BIG+LITTLE sister program at Fly Girl! The program was developed to welcome in new members and encourage a positive experience at Fly Girl! It's not always easy being new and Big Sisters can be a great support system as they start their fitness journey with us! Our veteran members can be a point of contact, inspiration and motivation! They will cheer them on and keep them inspired! SEE MORE BELOW! 



We're looking for Fly Girl members who have been with our studio at least 6 months. Big Sisters will be mentors for new members! One of the biggest reasons a new member might leave is not feeling engaged! We're passionate about supporting women - so we thought this would be the perfect way to engage, support and motivate new members! Having some support along the way from an experienced member can help new members navigate their fitness journey more successfully!!


 Responsibilities potentially include:

Positive Attitude

Ability to Motivate Others

Help NEW members set attainable Goals

Check In on their Lil Sisters

Be Supportive

Encourage Authenticity

And have some FUN along the way!

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