Meet the Fly Girl GLAMbassadors! These are AMAZING WOMEN that have proven they are, not only SUPA FLY, they are HUGE supporters and cheerleaders for our studio! They work hard in AND out of the studio!


{member since Feb 2015}

My name is Patty Flaherty! I married my high school sweetheart almost 25 years ago and we have 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl - ages 13-23. They keep us busy but I love it!

I have worked as a nursing assistant for 20 years at Lutheran General Hospital. It’s not always an easy job, but taking care of people can be very rewarding. I am also a licensed esthetician and in my spare time I do waxing, facials, and make up for family and friends.

Besides working out, I also enjoy spending time with my family, Netflix binges, and having some cocktails and laughs with my girlfriends.

About 3 1/2 years ago I kept driving passed this little dance studio on Northwest Highway called “Fly Girl”. I was curious and looked it up online and found the Fly Girl Facebook page. I signed up for my first class and have been hooked ever since!

I FOUND MY PEOPLE!! The strong women and support and welcoming feeling was something I had not experienced before. I have tried pretty much every class at Fly Girl and love them all...but my heart belongs to Zumba... I love to dance!

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{member since May 2015}

My name is Marcy Rix. From a personal perspective, I got married late in life, only 4 years ago. I married a great guy, Sean, who has 3 daughters. So, I went from living along in the city, to living in Edison Park with 4 other people. Challenging, yes, but so worth it. I am also lucky to have a good group of friends that I like to spend my free time with. Movies, going out for cocktails, trying out the latest restaurants. And, yes, I am even in a book club.


I still get to the city, daily, for my job.m I work at JP Morgan Chase where I make sure that your data is accurate and kept secure. I do my best anyways. My favorite part of my job is coaching the younger staff, seeing them reach their potential, blossom into the future managers at Chase.


I am that girl who you always see in the front row at Fly Girl - one of those front row snobs at Kymberlee likes to call us. I don't know why it is so important for me to be in the front. I just know I like it! I have recently become obsessed with fitness classes. I have been challenging myself to use 12 pound weights - it's hard, but even if I don't get there, I know that everything in the front row, and all of the rows behind me are there to support me. That is what Fly Girl is all about. I LOVE IT!



{member since January 2016}

Hello, beautiful FlyGirls! My name is Cynthia. I live in Jefferson Park with my husband, Kirk, and my two adorable kitties, Bug and Moose. I’m a college administrator at Columbia College Chicago. 


You’ve probably seen me at Fly Girl because I’m there almost every day. But, for those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been taking classes at FlyGirl since January 2016. I still remember my very first Zumba class with Kym. I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having while exercising. Since joining FlyGirl, I’ve become a much healthier and happier person. FlyGirl is no ordinary gym - it’s a place for fitness, fun, and friendship!


Some of you have asked me how I achieved my weight loss. As the instructors at FlyGirl will tell you, the only plan that works is consistency. You have to consistently eat a healthy diet AND exercise. There are no tricks that result in lasting weight loss. Tricks and short-cuts are not sustainable - they just ultimately leave you feeling disheartened. Rather, you have to choose healthy foods most of the time and commit to moving almost every day. I understand that this advice doesn’t sound very exciting, but the truth is often simple. Taking care of yourself is an essential act of self love - only you can do this for you!


If you don’t know me, please don’t be shy and say hello! I’m always happy to make a new friend and I’m not scary like the big weights you may see me using ;-)


Thank you so much to the queen Glambassador - Kymberlee - for creating FlyGirl! Also, thank you to the many wonderful instructors and members at FlyGirl who make it such a special place.



{member since April 2016}

I’ve been married to my husband Brian for 20 years and we have two hilarious and amazing children who are Japanese, Pakistani and white: Samir (16) and Sofia (11) who keep us very active and entertained. Fun fact about me: I’m a kidney donor (3.5 years ago to one of my BFFs) and I joined FG by following Bianca from ultimate martial arts where she taught Zumba and I loved it after I decided to get healthy post-kidney surgery. She thought I’d love FG even more and I’ve been hooked since! We have lots of fish, a cute cat named Koko and live in Lincolnwood.


Her formal bio: 🤓▶️


Aisha Ghori Ozaki is a manager on the enterprise-wide Inclusive Diversity team at Allstate (since 2015) where she supports communication, marketing, training, education and metrics. Aisha is a frequent presenter and facilitator on diversity and inclusion as well as career development topics and is devoted to ensuring that all individuals feel welcome, find their passion and contribute toward creating an inclusive environment. Prior to joining Allstate, Aisha worked in higher education for almost 18 years.


Aisha holds both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Sociology from DePaul University and is certified in the administration and interpretation of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and the MBTI. Aisha volunteers with multiple organizations and especially enjoys her mentoring and time with Upwardly Global Chicago, the DePaul University Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program, Muslim Women’s Alliance (MWA) and the Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC). In 2013, Aisha received the Diversity Founders Award from MWACE for her hard work and commitment to the Diversity Advancement Committee.


Aisha has actively engaged in various professional associations including recently becoming a board member for the Muslim Women’s Alliance (MWA) and the Forum on Workplace Inclusion where she has served on the conference programming committee since 2016 and co-presented at the annual conference in 2017.



{member since March 2017}

I am honor to be chosen for the next Glambassador . I will tell you a little about myself. I have two wonderful boys which I know a lot of you have seen them sitting on the purple couch in the studio. My oldest son's name is John Paul who is 7 years old. My youngest son's name is Joshua who is 6 years old. They are my everything. They are the reason I get up every morning. I am the youngest of 8 siblings and we are a close family. One of my sisters is my identical twin. We are best friends. We do everything together.


I have been a Medical Assistant for over 10 years now. I work at Chicago Allergy Center for and I have been there about 4 years. I love my job especially working with pediatric patients. My goal is finish nursing school and become a RN.


I first saw the Fly Girl Dance & Fitness Studio, two and a half years ago while dropping off one of my sons at daycare across the street. I would always think okay this week I am going to join. But never did, because I was afraid of being judged or thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with the workout. But on March 2017 I joined zumba and the fell in love. Zumba to me is my therapy. I get lost in the music and just let my body move. In the first year of zumba and other classes I lost about 75 Ibs by attending 5 to 6 classes a week and changing my diet. But I must admit I have gained some weight this year. Obesity runs in my family. I will continue to fight this disease until the end. My journey is not perfect. But it is not over. I want to thank to all the instructors and especially to Kymberlee.


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{member since April 2016}

Wow this is an honor to be chosen  Glambassador!  Let’s face it any title at my age starting with the word Glam is thrilling for me. Lol I would have never dreamed 4 yrs ago when I opened that door on Northwest Hwy that it would come to this honor.  I had my 1st Zumba class with Kym & Gina and I remember Marcy R all so friendly & welcoming to me (still the same to this day)❤️and it was FUN!  I couldn’t wait for the next class but that afternoon I was diagnosed w/pneumonia and finally after one month later on a Fri night I had a Zumba class where I met Bianca I believe it was her 1st night as an instructor there the rest is history.  

About my self if you don’t already know I was the youngest of 7 born to Irish Immigrant parents.  My sister was the oldest (15 yrs older)& 5 boys in a row my sister & I referred to ourselves as our brothers bookends. If you would have asked my family what I liked to do as a kid they would say”eat” and it showed. I struggled most of my life with Yo Yo weight loss/gain but 7 yrs ago I went to a Zumba Class in Florida and caught the bug realized it was my kind of exercising that I could enjoy.  That & changing my diet because I am restricted because of stomach health issues ( Celiac for one) I have now averaged the same weight for the past 4 yrs.     

When I was 28 yrs old I found myself unexpectedly divorced w/2 kids my 14 mth old daughter Tara & my 7 yr old son Michael as the 70’s TV commercial went “I brought home the bacon & fried it up in the pan I am woman”. I was the sole supporter for the next 12 yrs.  I worked various jobs from Cocktail Waitress to Sewer Laborer for the City but my longest job was for 23 yrs as the Purchaser for Lincoln Park Zoo from band-aids to  Baboons was what I would say & all the food for the animals too.  


Speaking of the Zoo...

My lament was always the only way I would meet a good guy he would have to fall thru my ceiling onto my couch or at my desk at work.  Luck had it 34 yrs ago I met my husband Frank Duffy in front of my desk and we married 1 yr later I became a Step Mom to 3 ( Theresa, Michael & Margaret who is now deceased ) and later we had 6 grandchildren.  I am lucky enough to have another 11 children & young adults that call me Grandma who were born in my heart.


I have had Fly Girls come up to meet to say I inspire them but in all honesty you gals motivate me making sure you come to class even though you have young families, jobs outside or inside the homes you are here at classes at the crack of dawn & the last class at night.  Days that I could be lazy I think of you gals and say I have no excuse it’s too easy for me to go & for  that I thank you.  The world for women has changed for the better since I was a single Mom with laws put into place for Dead Beat Fathers, Family Leave etc but the most important thing was not made in a court of law but by women like us Fly Girls who understand the meaning of kindness & compassion towards other women to build each other up never to tear each other down.  Fly Girl is Our Happy Place at times maybe Our Port in the Storm  at other times.  Thank you to all the incredible instructors who give 110% of themselves always with a smile on their face.❤️. Kym if I live to be 100 I will be in awe of your business sense how you juggle all that you do & make it seem so easy.  Most of all Thank You Kym for creating Fly Girl Dance & Fitness , Fly Girl Fraternity and Girl Gang.   God Bless you gals let’s keep  Dancing, Getting Fit and of course Let’s Keep Laughing & Having Fun.😘❤️



{member since October 2016}

I feel so honored to have been named Glambassador of Fly Girl.

A little about me personally: I've been married to John for 32 years, live in Lincolnwood down the street from another Glambassador, Aisha, and have 2 awesome sons, Alex and Eric.  They are both fun-loving people who work hard and have a great sense of humor. I consider myself very lucky because even though Alex lives & works in Rockford and Eric in Madison, Wisconsin, one or the other is usually at home on the weekends and it's always a good time when they're around. I also live a few doors down from my 94 year old mother. I hang out with her during the day and help her with chores around her house as well as try to keep her spirits up. 


Professionally, I used to teach German at Niles North & Niles West High Schools & travelled with students to Germany every other summer.  But I've been retired for the past 2 years and loving it.  Now there's no more grading or lesson planning or calling parents - just fun!  Retirement has allowed me to take more classes at Fly Girl and has given me the time to bike more in the summer, ski in the winter and get together with friends whenever I want. 


I remember my first classes with Kym.  A colleague asked me to go with her to something called Zumba at the Niles Fitness Center. I used to love dance class but had not worked out in 25 years. I was too busy juggling work and a growing family.  Kym was the teacher and I was hooked from that very first class.  I couldn't believe working out could be so much fun.  Kym made me laugh and Gina was always there in the front row leading the way. I then followed Kym to St. Andrew's in Park Ridge and now am a regular at Fly Girl. 


I have watched Kym expand from teaching a few Zumba classes in a community gym to offering a wide array of workout classes in a beautiful studio.  I have witnessed her mission develop from providing physical wellness options to including professional and social support as well.  Fly Girl is our safe place, a community where we can work towards our individual goals without judgment but rather with positive encouragement and kindness.  I am so thankful for Fly Girl and all the strong, optimistic women I have met there.  I don't know how you do all that you do, Kym, but I know I speak for all of us when I say you are truly amazing.  

A big "Thank you" for keeping us fly.



{member since February 2016}

I am so honored to be chosen as a Glambassador! 👑

I grew up in Ukranian Village during the 1980s and attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I met my husband there and have been with him for almost three decades. We have three wonderful children.


Professionally, I am a seasoned consultant with 20+ years of experience in Fortune 100 companies.


I also love to cook, garden and take pictures of my kids.
About three years ago, I was two belts away from getting my TKD black belt when a couple of fellow fly girls, Patty and Barb suggested that I should try Fly Girl Dance and Fitness studio on Northwest highway. Well, this was a no brainer! I love to dance.


I would always be one of the first guests on the dance floor in weddings and quinceneras. The first time I tried a class I was hooked. The instructors are so friendly and encouraging. Thanks so much to Kym for creating this great community of fitness network for women ❤️

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{member since February 2017}

I'm originally a Jersey Girl. I moved here to visit 2 weeks after I graduated HS and never left. I bar-tended at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn for 10 years and got the opportunity to be an extra in the movie "A league of their Own" while working there! I have worked for - Harley Davidson for 25 years. I'm the Buyer and General Merchandise Manager. I'm married and have two amazing grown ups and one sweetheart of a grand daughter! I love, Harleys, animals, shopping, working out, music, dancing and eating!!

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{member since June 2018}

Wow! First and foremost, I am beyond honored to be in the company of such amazing women. My name is Stacey Lowery and I have been a member of Fly Girl for a few years now. Growing up, dance was my calling - modern, tap, ballet, hip hop. You name it; I took it. I essentially lived in the dance studio of my small town even teaching classes and serving as the secretary to pay for my tuition. After high school, I came very close to joining a ballet company but instead opted to be the first in my family to attend college. I moved to Chicago at the age of 18 to attend DePaul University and never looked back.

In 2003, I received my BA in graphic design and digital media arts before venturing off to the design world working as the head of marketing for several non profits including the Chicago Lighthouse. While it was pretty cool to see my work on downtown billboards and buses, the boardroom was never quite my style. I went back to school and received my MAT in art education from Columbia College and have been teaching art ever since.

My husband Brian and I met at DePaul and have been married nearly 12 years. We have two hilarious children, Emerson (7) and Griffin (4), and a new puppy named Lil Wayne. I enjoy gardening, rocking some old school Nintendo with my kids, traveling (ask me about Iceland...PLEASE!) and everything early 90s.

Never in my life did I think I would look forward to “working out” and Fly Girl has done that for me! I am in “awe” of so many of the amazing women I have met here and feel blessed to have found a place to finally call home. Let’s keep crushing it and pushing one another ladies! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!



{member since September 2018}

My name is Erika and live in Jefferson Park with my two sons, Andy and Sam. I’m an assistant for a cleaning company. I also clean houses and occasionally cater dinner parties. I love to dance Latin music, especially salsa and cumbia. My favorite thing to do was taking dance classes to learn different styles.

I have been coming to Fly for three years now, I usually dread working out but in Fly Girl I found my niche. The first class I attended was Verónica’s Zumba and I fell in love with the atmosphere and friendliness of the women at the studio. From there I have taken classes with every instructor and love them all, although I usually take all the dance classes.

Everyone made me feel welcome, instructors are approachable and easy to talk to. Kymberlee and her team have make Fly Girl a real community of strong women who help and cheer for each other’s success whether is a workout goal or personal one. I’m happy to be a part of this community and to have made new, good friends.

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{member since July 2017}

Hi Fly Girl Family!

I just want to express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful community of empowering women!!! Kym and each instructor creates a true atmosphere of warmth and acceptance which is why I’m a die hard Fly Girl for life,

If you have seen me around in classes, you’ll know that I’m the giggly smiler and self proclaimed “Lucille Ball” with my fancy moves, lol!!!!

On the home front, I met my sweet husband in 1988 during a college bbq and thought after one date that HE WAS NOT FOR ME!! But he chased and persisted until I agreed to go on a second date and we’ve been together ever since. Married with three beautiful daughters, plus a fur baby- I’ve been blessed with lots of love and joy over the years. Fly girl exudes that same love and joy the minute you walk in the door, which is why I’m so excited to be a part of this family too!

We work hard, yet we play hard also…