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Meet the Fly Girl GLAMbassadors! These are AMAZING WOMEN that have proven they are, not only SUPA FLY, they are HUGE supporters and cheerleaders for our studio! They work hard in AND out of the studio!
Fawn Final.jpg

Fawn - Twin Lakes

{member since March 2021}

"Hey Fly Girls!

It is an absolute honor to be selected as the first Glambassador for Fly Girl Twin Lakes. I am so thankful that we have Fly Girl in our community and it has been such a powerful positive force for myself and others.

A little about me: I was born in Chicago but spent my teen years in Twin Lakes. I graduated from Wilmot High School in 2000 and graduated from Carthage College in 2004 with a BA in Business Administration. I worked as a retail manager for a few years before joining Allstate Insurance in 2008 where I made my way up the ranks as adjuster, trainer, then manager in the National Catastrophe Team. For the last few years, I have held the position as Project Manager for Allstate home office. I love what I do and am thankful to be able to work from home.

I married my husband Josh in 2013 and we currently reside in Twin Lakes with our 2 cats, Minnie and Winnie. We love travelling, beach vacations, and visiting casinos. We both love spending summers on the lake. I enjoy fashion, makeup, reading, dancing, and attending classes at Fly Girl!

I’ve met so many new friends at Fly Girl already and am looking forward to getting to know many more. I am extremely thankful that Kymberlee brought this amazing dance studio to Twin Lakes! I am thrilled that this is now part of my fitness journey and that I get to join you in yours. Let’s continue to lift each other up and rock it Fly Girls!!"


Lisa- Twin Lakes

{member since March 2021}

Hello Fly Girls! I have lived in Lily Lake all my life. I met my husband at the age of 16 and been with him ever since. We got married in 2000 in Las Vegas. We have 2 daughters - 18 yr old Alexis and 14 yr old Eva. We even have our little fur baby cat! Her name is Grace!

I have worked on an off as the kids got older. I worked in a bank as a teller an Aurora in medical records. My husband is a mechanic on planes and I help him with odd and end jobs currently. I spend lots of time with my family traveling and enjoying all my daughters activities. My older daughter has been a trap shooter with her Central High School trap shooting team and my younger daughter is a gymnast.

I love to shop in my spare time with my kids. I enjoy my pool and boating with my family. I love working out and taking long walks as well. I am so happy that Fly Girl opened in Twin Lakes. I started doing Zumba and was hooked! I enjoy all the other classes - as I go pretty much everyday there.

Kym is full of energy and makes every class enjoyable with great with the upbeat music an dancing. There is not a single class that I don't enjoy. I have made a lot of friends and enjoy talking with everyone at the studio. Everyone is so supportive of one another. Just makes me happy to workout everyday! 

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Melissa- Twin Lakes

{member since March 2021}

"Hello Fly Girls,
I have lived in the Burlington area since 2000. I have been married since 2003 to Rick and I have three boys, Alex, 17, Andrew, 15 and Aaron 11. We also have a two year year Golden Retriever named Snickerdoodle.

I have been a kindergarten teacher at Randall since 2000. I have been teaching since 1995. My husband, Rick , is currently a car sales at Libertyville Toyota for at least 12 years!

My young men are involved in scouting with troop 381. My Alex is an Eagle Scout , Andrew is working on it and my Aaron has quite a few merit badges under his belt. My two oldest play soccer for Wilmot and my youngest likes cross country at Randall school. My Andrew also is on the trapshooting team for Wilmot high school .

In my spare time, I am on the Wilmot high school board , love to read, drink coffee and ride our 2015 ultra classic. I have had my own cycle license since 2002.

I feel very blessed and honored to have Fly Girls in the Twin Lakes area. The Fly Girl angels - Kymberlee, Elizabeth, Tasha, Kim, and Stacey inspire me to be the best me I can be. I usual go to class tired but I leave inspired and invigorated to keeping living a good life. They also push me to try new workouts and strength my limits. I love our Fly Girl community and all the ladies I work out with and their smiling support faces. Go Fly Girl go!" - Melissa S.

Diana Aug 29 2022.png

Diana- Twin Lakes

{member since April 2021

Hi! My name is Diana Rudolph, I am married to a good guy named Dave for 15 years now. Some said we wouldn’t make because we dated for 2 months and 2 days then we eloped down in Gatlinburg, TN. We have 1 son and 3 girls together along with 5 awesome grandchildren.


I was in Twin Lakes one day, probably getting a hair cut at daughter Stephanie’s shop, when I noticed a sign for Fly Girl. Being in tears some days over being so FAT and out of shape, I went in to check it out, it was only their 2nd or 3rd week in “Twinnie”.


Expecting the same feeling’s of embarrassment as a regular gym has to offer, here I am over a year later. FLY GIRL IS DIFFERENT ! They are my tribe, so supportive, no judgement. We share stories of failure, eating disorders, life and many of SUCCESS !!! You see, I have this obsession of pools and the BEACH. I do a yearly girls trip to Florida and every year I say I’m going to be smaller and fit in a regular swim suit… This year I did it ! A bunch of encouragement at FLY GIRL gave me the “balls” to get a breast reduction and lose weight. It’s so much easier working out without size E (or something huge) in your way!


Take the credit Fly Girls, you did it for me! At Fly Girl I have also enjoyed doing volunteer work, pool dates, lunches and FRIENDSHIP! Get yourself a good pair of shoes (NO BULL BRAND IS AWESOME) and come join us! Love, Diana


Donna final.png
Rachel March 2023.png
Therese final.png

Donna - Twin Lakes

{member since March 2022}

"Hello Fellow Fly Girls! I was so surprised to learn about Glambassadors and even more honored to be selected as one. I have always been an active, firm believer in exercise. As a young woman my exercise routine consisted of playing softball and putting in my VCR tapes of Kathy Smith, Denise Austin and of course, Jane Fonda! After I was married, I joined LifeTime fitness. It was fine for free standing weight lifting but I longed for group classes. I love the energy a person gets from working out together. It pushes a person in a way that working out alone just doesn’t. At least not for me.

I found another work out studio in Huntley, IL which is near where I settled for over 20 years. I made many friends and learned so much about Zumba, Body Combat (Turbo Kick like) and group weight-lifting. I spent over 10 years there. I was there 3-4 days a week and very happy.

Life isn’t always what you think it is going to be and I sure had a few twists and turns in mine. My son grew up, I was single and in a new committed relationship. I was also ready to leave IL. Twin Lakes is only about 25 miles from where I lived so I knew I would still see friends and family. But what about leaving my workout sanctuary? That was a real concern of mine.

Do you believe in coincidences? Well, I don’t. Things happen for a reason. I was mentioning to my sister about how worried I was about finding a place to work out once I move. One that fits my beliefs and activity level. My sister, coincidence- um no- lives in Park Ridge. My nephew and Kym’s son went to grade school together. She said, “You have got to check out Fly Girl Dance and Fitness. The owner just opened in Twin Lakes and she is fabulous”. I drove by the Twin Lakes studio every time I was in Twin Lakes before I actually moved here full time and checked it out online. Had my sister not told me that I would love it, I may not have actually gone in. Who knows? But I am so glad that I did. My sister knows me so well. Women Empowering Woman. Physically and emotionally. A perfect fit."


Rachel - Twin Lakes

{member since May 2021}


My Girls are Fly Girls!!


Hello, everyone!! My name is Rachel Hetland and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing place! I was BEYOND honored to be chosen as a Glambassador!! This place and these women have been EVERYTHING I didn’t even know I was looking for!!


I was born and raised in Western Kenosha County. I married my high school sweetheart; Jonah and we will be celebrating 22 years of marriage this Fall.  We have two children, Caden (19) and Ava (17), 2 dogs and 1 cat.  We moved to Twin Lakes about 7 years ago when we bought 6 acres.  We have spent the last 7 years remodeling and updating it and have added an in-ground pool.  In addition to taking care of our property, I enjoy spending time with my family, thrifting and antique shopping, vintage décor, traveling, and listening to books and podcasts.  I love all things leopard print, and I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan.


I am a local real estate agent, so I love getting out in the community and meeting new people. With my children getting older and aging out of sports, Covid and the aftermath of the real estate market; I found myself working from home and feeling somewhat alone, isolated and detached.  I know there was “something” missing.


I am a recent Breast Cancer Survivor and over the past 5 years, I had 7 surgeries and 35 rounds of radiation, all relating to my breast cancer.  I currently take 9 pills a day and from the side effects of the medications I have been on, the additional weight gain, scar tissue from the surgeries and now frail bones, I KNEW I needed to do some type of physical exercise, as I did NOT want my cancer to return, and I was tired of “feeling like I was 80”.


In the past, I had done Jazzercise, had multiple gym memberships, personal trainers and I’ll even admit, I have a fully “stocked” gym in my basement with a Peloton and the Mirror.


I joined FG shortly after Kym had opened her Twin Lakes location in 2021.  I came to a few classes, and I knew I wanted to be part of this group of women, and I NEEDED to get healthy.  I was finally in the right place.


Then, on a Spring Break trip in 2022, I ended up breaking my elbow and my fitness journey was put on hold, yet again.


I came back to FG in October of 22 and I have not stopped!!  I cannot explain the energy and encouragement you get from Kym and these ladies in class.  I have never “stuck” with something for longer than a few weeks or a few months, at best. I am going on almost 6 months at FG and I can honestly say I have not been this happy and felt this good in a very long time.    My husband even made the comment to me that he hasn’t seen me this happy and confident in years and that I have “found” my place. 


As I continued to come to my strength classes, I got to know some of the women.  They encouraged me to try a cardio dance class.  So, I did.  And you know what? I can’t dance but, I love it!!   Each one of us is a different shape, age and chapter in our lives.  The music, the women, the energy.  It’s just fun.  I now try to go to as many classes as I can in a week. 


I am turning 45 this week and I feel amazing!! Yes, I am the one putting in the work, but I would not be where I am without FG!


A huge thank you to Kym, Alanna and the rest of you ladies at FG.  Without this place, I know I wouldn’t be where I am now! I look forward to achieving more of my fitness goals with my #flygirls as you all push me to get better with every class! Women Encouraging Women!!


Therese - Twin Lakes

{member since April 2021}


Hello Fly Girls!! My name is Therese McDonald and I am honored to be the next Glambassador! I was born and raised in Long Island, NY and I currently live in Genoa City with my husband Craig. I have two children Nick and Kelsey, a son in law Adam, first grandchild Levi and stepson Grant. Craig and I dated for 18 years before we were married on a beach in the Florida Keys in 2021-story for another time .

I joined Fly Girls in April of 2021. I discovered Fly Girls during a street fair where Kym had a small table in front of the studio. I had thought it was only for children so was pleasantly surprised to find a place dedicated to women working out, within walking distance from my condo.

I struggled with my weight my entire life going up and down the roller coaster. I worked out sporadically through the years- never sticking with one thing or workout routine. I had a stressful job working for a health services company when I started working out here. With Fly Girls, I loved the classes, and the energy from the start--they were great stress relievers. The studio was just getting going but I began establishing a routine and began to look forward to exercising (this was new for me). Year one was challenging --there were days where I was the only one in class and was worried the studio might not last but Kym persevered and the classes grew.

I recently took a job as an oncology nurse up in Lake Geneva. Although it may hinder my workout schedule a bit, I know I will continue to be committed to this studio. The culture here is amazing—very supportive, non-judgmental and women of all ages/levels of fitness which is fun. My history of not committing to exercise has turned into 2 years of workouts—over 350 classes! I still have a long way to go in my personal health journey but am excited to have Fly Girl a part of it. Thank you Kym and all the instructors for your energy and dedication!! I know I will continue to have a wonderful place to workout, great friendships and wonderful memories.


Lori final.png

Lori - Twin Lakes

{member since April 2023}


I am honored to be chosen as the next Glambassador for Fly Girl Dance & Fitness! I love the encouragement and social aspect of this special community. My fitness journey started when I was in my early 20's when my father suffered a heart attack due to his diabetes. I was with him in the hospital when he died. From that day I promised I would exercise and take care of my heart.

I was never good at sports but found I could enjoy exercise with group classes. I have done high impact, low impact, step, spin, etc you name it, I have done it.

I got busy raising my two sons and stopped working out in my 40's and that was a mistake. I ended up injuring myself, I snapped a ligament in my left ankle. I was again on the fitness journey trying out the YMCA, the fitness center at the Grand Geneva and then covid hit. So, I built a basement gym and followed many youtube exercise classes.

One day a girlfriend of mine asked me to learn how to play pickleball, I said sure but would you come with me to a dance class at this studio in Twin Lakes? We will learn a routine to an N'Sync song. She said sure, and that is how I came to start at Fly Girl! I learned from that first class they had dance classes almost every day of the week! If you like to dance and can't get to the dance floor come dance with us at Fly Girl! We get crazy with air guitar, air piano and kick (can can) lines. We laugh, smile and encourage one another. I have made a ton of new friends and I love every one of them!

I have been married to Steve since 1997. We were married in Maui at the Grand Wailea. We have two sons, ages 25 & 21. I grew up in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois and eventually ended up in Spring Grove, which we lived for 15 years, we moved to Bloomfield, Wi in 2015. Everyone in our family works out on a regular basis now and our home gym gets used daily. We also have two active dogs, mini Australian Shepherds, that keep me on my toes, Brandy & Morgan.

Thank you for the nomination to Glambassador. I am super honored and enthused about Fly Girl and all it has to offer all women."

Let's give Lori a big Fly Girl welcome! Share your congrats, send her some love, and let's keep the spirit soaring high! 


Alanna final.png

Alanna - Twin Lakes

{member since April 2021}


Meet Alanna, a dedicated mother of three who balances the joys of parenthood with her passion for fitness. As a certified fitness instructor, she inspires others to lead healthy lifestyles through her energetic classes. Alanna’s love for Fly Girl Dance and Fitness shines through her dynamic routines, where she combines dance and exercise to create an exhilarating experience for her students. With boundless energy and a contagious enthusiasm, Alanna empowers others to embrace their fitness journey while cherishing the precious moments of family life!


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