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 Strength & Cardio



WHAT IS IT: A HIIT class broken down into 4 quadrants.

WHAT MAKES THIS CLASS UNIQUE: Each move is synced to music specifically written for the choreography. HIIT classes are usually presented fit into a sound track of repetitive 32 count music, this class builds itself around the beat! Let it Sync in! This class is cued verbally and does not change for weeks giving you the chance to get it into your body.

HOW IT WORKS: This class is broken down into 4 quadrants which are; Ignite: power moves to strengthen. Fire Up: building intensity by adding floor work like planks, burpees and standing power moves. Push your Limits: This quadrant pushes heart rate to max, exercising the best muscle of all, your heart. Each quadrant is separated by a recharge. 1 minute and 30 seconds of recovery time. Final quadrant is floorplay. 15 minutes of core and cool down.

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