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Dance Cardio


1 Hour Class
Sunday 8AM
Monday 5:30PM /7:30 PM
Tuesday 6AM / 6:30PM
Wednesday 9AM / 5:30PM
Thursday 6AM 
Friday 9AM / 6:00PM
Saturday 9AM 

WHAT IS IT: Dance class format with world beats


WHAT MAKES THIS CLASS UNIQUE: The songs are set to pre-defined choreography. Once you learn a routine – you will get better at remembering it over time.

HOW IT WORKS: Love to dance!? Then Kymberlee, Bianca, Gina, Lena, Ramon, Veronica & Linnis is sure to keep you moving and dancing to world beats. Zumba knows NO boundaries. The music starts and you will learn simple routines that are easy to follow and fun. From hip hop to salsa – the playlist will include all types of different music. Have a special request!? We're a crowd pleaser and we love the challenge of coming up with new choreography to ensure our students dancing!


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