Strength & Toning


1 Hour Class
Friday 6AM


WHAT IS IT: Let me help you Reach Your Full Potential with Full Circuit  Head to toe toning, strengthening and muscle endurance workout: circuit style, to maximize results.

WHAT MAKES THIS CLASS UNIQUE: This circuit format is designed to target big and small muscle group together with a series of exercises broken up with a bursts of cardio and a sections of Abs to maximize results. Arms, Legs, Gluteus maximus, Back, Abs…. Not a muscle is missed.

HOW IT WORKS: With the use of weights and body strength, the class is set up with the format of three different circuits targeting every muscle in your body. We will tone all over, build muscle endurance, increase strength and perfect balance. Kristi will help you build confidence, increase your fitness level and show you how to Reach Your Full Potential.